Anonima Barbieri is an independent group of professionals in the art of classic Italian barbershops’ culture. United by the tradition of a profession chosen for passion and practiced for a long time, they translate their know-how into a line of innovative, high-end products for the care and beauty of the men, designed for treatments in the salon and excellent for daily use.


Anonima Barbieri thinks of the man who rediscovers the pleasure of giving himself time to take care of himself, giving himself a break from his hectic day. This new concept of luxury is combined with the desire to rediscover gestures with an ancient flavor. We are talking about going to the barber for a perfect shave or beard care or revisiting the habits of the past in the light of current values, such as respect for the environment and the quality of the products. Quality must be faultless.



From a professional approach to face, beard, and hair care, Anonima Barbieri creates a complete line of specific products for each phase of the treatment, from washing to shaving, after shaving, to the daily rituals of beauty and well-being.This is how shampoos, conditioners, oils, creams, and the exclusive shaving gels are born: they are Made-in Italy cosmetics obtained from 100% natural and plant-based extracts, in packages that keep unaltered the organoleptic qualities of the ingredients. The man who chooses the Anonima Barbieri style is attentive to aesthetics and good living.The packaging makes each object truly exclusive, because it has been created only for him.The bottles are contained in cardboard boxes decorated with Art Nouveau motifs, which recall the refinement and attention to detail typical of the early 1900s. This is a time that inspired the tradition of Italian barbershop.This is a historic time that inspired the tradition of the Italian barber shop’s values.


The new fragrance specifically created for Anonima Barbieri reflects the multifaceted character of a demanding man: a beauty lover, a person who loves the authentic Italian tradition, but he’s open to the world’s sensation.
The bouquet of the perfume conquers at first glance with the fresh and bitter note of Calabrian bergamot and grapefruit. It then opens into a refined heart of carnation leaves and coffee berries, accompanied by the rounded spiciness of the pink pepper. A delicate touch of violet balances the whole, and brings the scent to flow into the elegance of ambergris, and into a precious deal of cashmere wood, patchouli and vetiver.